Sunday, May 17, 2009

soccer. soo much soccer. and a gift w/purchase.

He's the red shirt in front, in his "silky soccer shorts".
lEmily had to sit out 2 quarters. Better pictures of her do exist.
aHere's Hayden waving from the goal.
One day Emily set up a stuffed animal photo studio. She has a lot of clients. This is one of my favorites. She needs to retake the pics of the sock animals she made. They are pretty sweet. You should ask her to make one for you!
Yesterday was the last soccer Saturday until 2010! Hooray! Tate scored his first goal ever, and rumor has it there's a picture of it out there somewhere! Your gift with purchase (ok, with viewing) is this website: There are delightful movies of origami being created. Delightful meaning unusual and funny. It's safe; would I send you there otherwise??? Have a delightful week. I will; I am going to run errands by myself until I just don't have any to run, because this is about Tate's last week of school. MY BABY ISN'T OLD ENOUGH FOR FIRST GRADE. But that is another post........

Monday, May 4, 2009

this and that. with pie.

FYI I KNOW SOME OF THESE ARE SIDEWAYS. I am in a hurry and don't really care.
mmm. strawberries in gel-stuff. awesome red color!
Tate petting a pygmy goat (NOT a baby goat or kid, as they led the other kids to believe).
Tate fishing at Mayor's pond.
Hayden also fishing at the same pond
Emily, same, same
the stupid puzzle.

So there was some of the last week or two in a nutshell. Tate went on a field trip. Saw animals and such. We had strawberry pie. Took the kids fishing at Mayor's pond, where there have been several hundreds of fish stocked. They caught nothing. Too fun. Then Tate got out this 500 piece puzzle that ANGIE gave us. (grrrr) and insisted on doing it. My obsessive compulsive tendencies make puzzle-doing an unpleasant experience. I can't stop. My back hurts, I'm bored, I'm hungry, the kids are hungry, but I can't stop. Thanks be to Mike and Hayden. With their help it was done in under 24 hours. But my house looks like crap. NO MORE PUZZLES, please, Tate, whose sole contribution was opening the bag and dumping out the pieces. Now that I've told you all about this, I really have to let it go. Really. This week promises to be just as special as last week. You know what I mean when I say special, don't you???