Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hayden at Scout Camp

Hayden is at Scout camp right now. He went Monday (yesterday). I drove him and several other boys up in the van. 250 miles with a van full of scouts is quite the adventure in and of itself. It's Camp Loll, located a whole 2 miles south of Yellowstone and 4 miles north of the Tetons in the middle of nowhere. It's a beautiful spot. I stayed overnight and most of this morning, then came home today. So I took some photos in between swatting mosquitoes (I'm sure Tonya is jealous that she missed those) while I was there.

Let's start with Hayden in camp as we were just moving things in from the trucks and trailers (yes, he was helping, he just happened to be sitting when I took the picture).

Shortly after arrival, the scouts had to do a swim check in the ice cold lake. Lucky them! Here they are eating quesadillas quickly before heading down to the lake for aquatics orientation.

Arrival at the waterfront gate (a photo which I will not rotate, in keeping with Tonya's work on the blog). ;-)

There were a lot of canoes stacked up by the lake. Some of them have stickers on them going back quite a few years. There's a lot of history at this camp since it has been around since 1960, if I recall correctly.

The end of the lake. It's really pretty. And cold.

It rained a couple of times very lightly. Suddenly the sky darkens, everyone throws on rain gear, it rains for 20 minutes, then it's nice again. Fortunately, the mosquitoes disappear during the rain.

Hayden this morning shortly after waking up remarkably cheerful.

Hayden cooking the hash browns for breakfast, along with which they also had French toast, sausages, chocolate milk, and orange juice. These boys are not suffering for food. They are eating very well thanks to Bro. Greenhalgh from the ward. He's great at organizing the cooking.

Chess and Stratego have been in use quite a bit. Notice the nice screen canopy to keep out the mosquitoes. Stupid mosquitoes.

And lastly, here's a campfire from last night so you can pretend you're at camp, too. I was sad to leave and come home.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh Dear!

dumb pictures.
Tate and his ladies.
What Emily wants in her room.
view from powder ridge

I'm sorry! I deleted that snarky post to avoid making anyone feel bad, but in mentioning it, I made people feel bad. I promise that if you even a tiny bit worried that it might be you, then it wasn't you. :) I ought to make a time limit for myself: no posts after 10 pm. Anything I say after that time I can't be held responsible for. :)
PS--how do I make the text come first, with the darn pictures underneath it?
PPS have a lovely Sabbath, everyone!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't I always have an explanation for everything?

baby Vinnie
All but 2 of the grandkids
Baby Vinnie
Paul and Emily
My Fam

So a few nights ago I was on the computer to do something and everyone else was in bed, even Mike. I was cranky, it was late, and I made a super-snarky post about mushy-brag posts, and I even posted it. I went upstairs, and five minutes later I was back downstairs deleting it. So there you go, that's why I had no new post from the weekend. Aren't you glad you clicked here just to know that???

Monday, June 15, 2009

Swimming with Grandma Julie and the cousins

Here are some pictures (about 1/6th of what I took) from swimming at Powder Ridge last Thursday. I was able to take so many because I got to hold baby Vinnie while he napped! I can post some more later, but I will fall asleep if I sit here and wait to upload anymore pics right now. FYI, Emily, in her board shorts and swim shirt with her dolphin, was pretending to be a dolphin trainer at sea world. Pretty cute.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

heirloom flowers, sort of

These are some flowers in our yard that used to be in Grandma and Grandpa Adams' yard. I'll never forget the first time I saw all those poppies in bloom that lined their driveway. WOW. If I can find it, I should scan in pictures of one-year old Emily with those poppies. I hope someday they'll fill in the space and produce more than 2 blooms, but I'm just so happy that they finally did bloom. From what Mike knows, Grandpa Adams' mother bred irises or made new kinds or however you put it. Thanks to Shaney for rescuing these flowers for us. Maybe someday I'll have a plant that people remember me by. I hope it's not a dandelion. :)