Monday, October 8, 2012

Canadian (and Brigham City) Thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  I was walking my laps at the park and looking at the pretty red trees on the hill, listening to music I love (She Will Have Her Way, by Neil Finn, for example), thinking about my awesome husband, and a flood of things came to my mind.  So much to be grateful for.  If you know me well, you know that I struggle with glass-half-empty syndrome and other assorted troubles in that vein.  For me to be able to mentally step back and see all the good in my life at once (and not be saying it trying to convince myself) was a miracle--a tender mercy from a loving Heavenly Father.  I have to remember this feeling.  Out of gratitude, I shed some tears and felt also grateful that no one from the neighborhood was out and about (say that last bit "oot and aboot" for Canadian Thanksgiving).  I won't bore you with my list because it's so personal and I have this fear of sounding like I am bragging and then I'd have to tell you all the trials I've had so that you would know that I suffer just like we all do.  That's messy.  Suffice it to say that the pavilion President Eyring mentioned disappeared altogether for a few minutes and I couldn't be more grateful.  Thank you to my superlative (that covers it all, right?) family.  Thank you to my friends (if you are wondering what for, just insert any of the things you have done for me or kind thing you have said and that will be a start).  I am so glad Heavenly Father doesn't mind repeating himself, because He has to do that a lot for me. :)

If you don't read the blog of  Middle-Mormon Man, you should (link   ).   He has talked about a fourth-quarter comeback (one last press to accomplish goals or make improvements before the end of the year).  One of Mike's is starting piano lessons (again) to improve his talent.  One of mine is to count my blessings more and better.  I had decided this before my walk today, so the fact that it worked so well on the first try worries me that I won't be able to sustain this attitude of gratitude. :) I won't tell you the other just in case I don't make it to Jan. 1.  Also because I have been working on it and not seeing any progress, which is embarrassing.

So give thanks, gear up for the fourth quarter, and have some Tim Bits for me, Canadian friends.  :) I think about you all often and wish we were coming back for the temple open house. :(