Sunday, November 23, 2008

Spiders, Mice, Squirrels, Rattlesnakes, Deer--And Now Turkeys

Yes, we found five of these fine turkeys in our yard last week. They have pretty good timing. Mike says it's like Abraham's ram in the thicket. I don't really think that it compares because we aren't exactly starving. And we would need to be starving, and near death, for me to be able to pluck and gut and clean an animal. Ick. Who knew living here would put us so in touch with nature. The italics signal sarcasm and disdain. I like pretending that my meat just appeared on a foam tray. And there's a reason they call rodents pests. The deer poop and eat my garden. Did I leave anything out???

There really hasn't been too much excitement at our house lately. Hayden had a band concert. That wasn't at our house, so it doesn't count. Emily had a pinewood derby, and that wasn't at our house, either. Tate doesn't have anything new to tell you, because no girls have kissed him for months and months now. We got flu shots. That wasn't at our house, either.

Have a nice week.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Now that I am old (plus 2 pictures)

Top photo: my skeleton Zorro (his description), my stick figure, and my little black cat.
Next photo: our big furry spider. We did NOT keep it for a pet.

I will not wear red. Ok, maybe I will when I feel like it. But not because crazy old ladies tell me to.
I will embarrass my family. Oh wait, I already do that.
I will sit on the curb (doesn't that poem include that?). Because we never get a decent seat for the
peach days parade.
I will wear hats. Because I have crappy hair days or I don't want new freckles.
I will not say whatever I want, even though I think about doing that alot. It may seem that I already do, but no, I think worse things than I say. Scary, eh?
I will still be alive, because if not, then I would be dead.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Post.

Lovely place, eh?
The bench we photographed the kids on six years ago is gone because the flows overtook it.

Mike by Fishing Cone. He's not dumb enough to straddle it to fish from it.
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Blogthis! yourself, picasa.

Maybe you thought you'd find Halloween pictures today. No, according to my schedule, those are two weeks out. I feel sure you will want to see all 300+ of our yellowstone pictures first.
(If you don't sense my sarcasm, maybe you don't know me all that well.) Here are my cute guys by some river in Yellowstone. Next is not my cute anything,
it is a coyote. Mike says it's not near as mangy as he's seen before. Then
there are some truly mangy looking elk. We found it an odd sight to see so many sitting there, in between the buildings. Then a lovely picture of Mammoth Hot Springs. Apparently you can only send four photos at a time from Picasa with the blogger button because there are two more somewhere.

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