Sunday, November 9, 2008

Now that I am old (plus 2 pictures)

Top photo: my skeleton Zorro (his description), my stick figure, and my little black cat.
Next photo: our big furry spider. We did NOT keep it for a pet.

I will not wear red. Ok, maybe I will when I feel like it. But not because crazy old ladies tell me to.
I will embarrass my family. Oh wait, I already do that.
I will sit on the curb (doesn't that poem include that?). Because we never get a decent seat for the
peach days parade.
I will wear hats. Because I have crappy hair days or I don't want new freckles.
I will not say whatever I want, even though I think about doing that alot. It may seem that I already do, but no, I think worse things than I say. Scary, eh?
I will still be alive, because if not, then I would be dead.


Mike A said...

Oh, you make such a sweet little old lady now that you're old.

Julie Geldmacher said...

Happy Birthday Tonya! If you are old, then I am ancient. Oh well, I can enjoy cute, scary grandkids in their Halloween outfits. They are really good looking kids!(I am not being prejudice either.)

iamwright said...

What?! Tonya when did you get old? I missed that one. sorry.

Julie Adams said...

Happy Birthday Tonya! Hope you had a great day. Also, was that spider at your house?

Mike A said...

The spider photo is actually sideways. It's quite the large tarantula trying to walk in our back sliding door, so Tonya closed the door on it which took off one of its legs and trapped three as you can see. It was alive when the photo was taken, but I killed it before opening the door.

The tarantulas live on the mountain and migrate west in the Fall, so they pass through everyone's yards. Nice, huh.

Tori said...

You guys got a spider too.

Nate said...

Oh I miss the old days when cool spiders would roam rampant through the streets of Brigham and kitty litter would fill the pools of crappy teachers :) Those were the days. Cool pictures though.

Andrea Hardman said...

whine whine. I never got to see a big spider like that. But it would have made me cry that it got its leg cut off. I can't watch suffering even in big, hairy, evil spiders. I cried for three days when I had to kill a mole. I call it: Guilt, at an unhealthy level. Or maybe a complex. Anyway, I'm glad it didn't go into your house. That would have been worse. I may have cried harder for that.

Krystal said...

Oh my! That gives me the willies!! After seeing everyone getting those spiders...I just pray they dont make it as far down to my house. I would totally freak and I have no simpathy for the nasty things! I was proud of you for breaking it's legs!! (that means it is gimpy when it comes after you!) By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (way late!) Hope you enjoyed it :)