Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas and here's to another year.

Things sure do have a way of getting away from us. And you all know that clean socks and clean dishes trump blog updates. Then there's another thing: our boys are addicted to an online game that only works on the laptop (minecraft). Sometimes it's just not worth the fight to get online.

Here is our year-in-a-minute update:

new thing: went to Germany, conducted first funeral
same old thing: coached Emily's soccer team

new thing: in primary presidency (but old thing because it's my third time)
same old thing: still starting lots of projects instead of finishing them
news on my back: got the all clear from the doctor to do reasonable things and shouldn't have much trouble until arthritis kicks in

new thing: in jr high, got taller than mom, went deep sea fishing
old thing: still on the computer non stop, still working towards Eagle scout

new thing: in intermediate school, playing the flute,
old thing: still making crafts and drawing

new thing: new elementary school, likes Mike's fish 'n' chips, reading chapter books
old thing: still wants to do everything Hayden does, still likes to hug and snuggle

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our big tree is gone!

First, Mike and I have been sick for what seems like forever, or at least most of September. REALLY didn't feel like blogging.

Our Sycamore/cottonless cottonwood tree has been dying. The dying accelerated this summer, and after many false starts, we got it taken down before some big branches could do damage to the neighbor's home. Here is movie made from multiple clips to show the process (beware: the sound ranges from silent to super loud, so you might want to turn the sound down...)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Willard Peak-what a ride...

Hayden's in misery.
View of Brigham City
Perry reservoir
View of Ogden valley and Pineview reservoir
Loverly mountain flowers

So back in July we grabbed Subway (to please Emily) and drove up to Willard Peak. Mike's always wanted to check it out. The view in 3 directions was sa-weet!!! We never made it to the end of the road, though, because all three of the kids were very very unhappy. Emily hates driving on mountain roads with cliffs, Hayden said it all made him feel sick, and Tate was distraught because everyone else was. sigh. The ride WAS pretty rough, but the view more than made up for it to Mike and I. Sounds like a good (but long) date idea for next summer.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

People on a Beach

Three silly kids on the beach
three silly kids, their dad and his kite on a beach
Mike and Emily and rocks on a beach
Hayden sitting on rocks on a beachTate looking like a manta ray (in his reflection) on the beach
Emily and her baggie of shells she wouldn't touch on the beach
A fine example of the stride I love on the beach
Me taking my own photo on the beach
my boys looking for stuff on the beach
Hayden and Mike. The beach was so big, and the water so far out right then, it just seemed so cool, these two guys, in the middle of the beach.

PS I am dividing our many many photos (which I will not bore you with all of) into categories. These are pictures of people on a beach.

pps don't you think I need a fancy camera with super zoom???

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Deep-sea Fishing but not for Me

The boat. Or, as they say on "Phineas and Ferb", bo-at (bow @).
Hayden felt he'd caught enough after 6 (including two at once). So he napped.
My dad, working on a big one!
Mike and my dad.

Hayden and my dad.

I didn't go because Emily and Tate are scared of boats. It was ok, because we all hung out with my mom that morning. That was fun. I bought $$$ of salt water taffy. Yikes!

I didn't include pictures of the bloody rubbermaid tote with all the fish inside...if you'd like to see them, e-mail Mike, who will gladly share them. Not me. ick.

Now, a word from Mike: We didn't actually take any pictures of the fish as we brought them in because we were just busy fishing. I wish we had some photos, but no, we don't. When I brought in the big ling cod I knocked on the window to get sleeping Hayden's attention. He looked out, but he didn't bother to come take a picture. Here is one photo I took using my phone because it was easier than getting the camera out early on when Tonya's dad had caught 2 rockfish and Hayden and I had caught the slightly smaller but larger number of rockfish in the other tote. We caught larger ones after this. Really.

In the end we ended up with a whole bunch of rockfish, one "sea trout" (really a kelp greenling - very pretty colors), and a nice ling cod (the biggest, meanest, and reportedly tastiest of them all). We now have a whole lot of fish fillets in our freezer, vacuum packed and awaiting future dinners.

Certain smaller kids need to get over this boat problem if they ever want to go out whale watching one of these days...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Part one of vacation pix--the aquarium and waterfront

The very entertaining and very stinky sea lions!
the lovely Yaquina Bay bridge
the lovely Yaquina Bay
Even the bathroom at Mo's was cool! This is the light fixture in the bathroom.
Mike and one of the many awesome murals!
My phone didn't make Em look good, but the whales are sooo cool!
Underside of a bat ray!
Scary huge crabs from Japan-spider crabs
the turtle's gonna get Mike!
Hayden naps on a whale...
Em and one of her favorite creatures--a seal

This is just like on TV when people invited their friends over to watch slides of their vacation photos. Poor you! The photo quality is not great because I forgot the camera on these two jaunts and had to use my phone. :(

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Phew! No knife to my heart!

I went school shoe shopping with Emily. I saw these shoes, and they were marked down to $7!! Now, if I had been a teen or pre-teen and stumbled onto these, I would have considered them a gift from heaven for being a good girl. Also I would have possibly died from joy. Emily didn't necessarily like them--she says she's not a bright color girl. She tried them on and then went to try on something she liked better. I told her to go ahead, break my heart. It would be a sin to pass on a gift like this. Eventually she chose another ok and reasonably priced shoe and DECIDED TO GET THESE, TOO! Phew. Crisis averted.
To my great surprise, Hayden chose these on his own without any encouragement from me. Hooray! Also, his feet are getting freaky huge.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

more blah-blah-blah

This is a lovely photo that Hayden took of the Seattle Temple. It's pretty cool and I don't really have any other photos to blog about.

This hasn't been the summer of our dreams for the kids and I. Mike, he has no expectations because he is trapped at work all day, every day. Makin' money for the kids and I to waste on day trips to places like Cherry Hill. If you don't ride the waterslides, that place is a rip off-for how much they charge, there ought to be more to do!

It's less fun because I still hurt some and still haven't gotten my strength back, so I get tired fast. People keep saying I look good and how is it to be back to normal? and I think, "if this is back to normal, I'm pretty depressed about my future". I want to be doing all the stuff I used to do, but I just can't. My kids were thinking I napped every day because I like to nap. OK, it's a tiny bit true, but I have to nap or I can't keep going. It's a good reminder to me to not judge people on what I can see. Maybe I need a big handicapped lanyard to wear when I go out (yes, I can hear you saying how everyone knows I'm handicapped in the head)...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our fifth of July festivities

This is the unbelievable strawberry Emily had to photograph before eating.
This is lovely Mantua reservoir. Everyone but Hayden went fishing, because Mike had Monday off. It wasn't too catching-ish, especially for me because afterward, I discovered the point of my hook was broken off. sigh. But it was fun to be outside.
Tate and Mike
Mike's huge bass.
We grabbed dinner in Logan and ate it at the park by the first dam. The kids are silly. You knew that.
Way cute baby ducks.
Tate suggested that this would make a good picture. He was right. It was also the only spot at the second dam where no one was fishing. Talk about crowded!
Tate's 25¢ mustache. hayden has one too, but it is scarily the same color as his hair and in the right light, looks like a band aid. heh heh.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Manti pageant (in reverse)

This is an electric perm machine. It is quite frightening in person, used in the 1940's. It was part of a display of beauty shop and barber shop items in the Fairview Museum.

Just part of a collection of hats. I love old hats. They had dress patterns, clothes, shoes, etc.
This is how much the kids loved the museum. They were tired, hungry, too warm, they said. Not pictured is Emily, who was too scared of most of the exhibits. Sigh.
The beautiful Manti temple. After the pageant.
More pretty temple, stupid scaffolding and lights ruining my photo.
The kids, passing around a story to kill time.
Tate must have set his DS down at the moment I snapped this. Otherwise, you'd see four people and four DS's. I took pictures. I have no attention span for games.

We'd never been to the Manti pageant, and we figured the kids were just the right ages to appreciate it. We camped at a joke of a campground (well, if you have an RV it'd be ok) just around the corner from the temple so that we could walk there and back. The time waiting for dark wasn't as bad as I'd expected, except for Mike, who sneezed a lot. The crowds weren't as bad as I'd expected, either. We all really enjoyed the pageant, and that was the important part. We all felt the Spirit, and giving my kids that experience made up for the less enjoyable parts of the weekend.

On the way home, on a whim Mike stopped in Fairview to see the city's museum. It was much more than you'd expect in a place like that. Tons of artifacts, collections of all kinds of things, and a huge collection of Avard Fairbanks' work. Impressive. We didn't stay as long as we'd like to because our kids were not so impressed. Sigh.

The drive home seemed 3 or 4 times longer than the drive there. That ever happen to you?