Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas and here's to another year.

Things sure do have a way of getting away from us. And you all know that clean socks and clean dishes trump blog updates. Then there's another thing: our boys are addicted to an online game that only works on the laptop (minecraft). Sometimes it's just not worth the fight to get online.

Here is our year-in-a-minute update:

new thing: went to Germany, conducted first funeral
same old thing: coached Emily's soccer team

new thing: in primary presidency (but old thing because it's my third time)
same old thing: still starting lots of projects instead of finishing them
news on my back: got the all clear from the doctor to do reasonable things and shouldn't have much trouble until arthritis kicks in

new thing: in jr high, got taller than mom, went deep sea fishing
old thing: still on the computer non stop, still working towards Eagle scout

new thing: in intermediate school, playing the flute,
old thing: still making crafts and drawing

new thing: new elementary school, likes Mike's fish 'n' chips, reading chapter books
old thing: still wants to do everything Hayden does, still likes to hug and snuggle


iamwright said...

That picture is so cute. I love the colors.

Nate said...

New post eh? Hayden must be at a friend's house so you can use the computer. We hope you had a great Christmas this year.

chelebug said...

Really? I'm supposed to be doing laundry before I blog? Hmm maybe this year I should refocus my priorities. :) Hayden is taller than you hmm again.
Your family picture is great. I love your hat. :)

Becki said...

love the old thing new thing format - it's a great way to see forward and back. So glad your back is doing well. try not to get arthritis :)

*karen* said...

Your family Chritmas picute is so cute! I love the matching scafs! :)