Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm a slow learner OR My new diet sucks rocks

I've been having problems for almost six months with a particular organ that I no longer need. Pain and misery and research led me to the decision to have a hysterectomy. I thought, "in, out, rest a little, all better". What a dope. I was in, out, and then back in again with a 102.2 fever. Thank goodness I didn't have any blood clots, but I did have pneumonia, so I had to stay two more days and get pumped full of antibiotics. Took me until I'd been home again 24 hours to figure out that the reason I couldn't stand to eat was that I had thrush. So more meds. No lie, Mike went to the pharmacy Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and again on Friday. Plus the Friday before. Things like this just don't go smoothly for us. I'll spare you details about the crying, nausea, pain, trying to find anything I could eat three bites of, the incisions, the re-starting of the digestive system after eating almost nothing for about a week. I kept thinking, haven't I just been through some of this?? What didn't I learn?

Well, the truth is that we forget. It's awful hard to keep that humility on a daily basis. It can be hard to remember He who gives us all things is in charge. And it's never easy to let other people in. We have such wonderful extended family and a most wonderful ward. Best ward ever. I figured they'd still be worn out from helping me 18 months ago. Not these ladies. :)

Here are some little things that kept me smiling while I've been down: Tate and Emily in the kitchen, bouncing a tennis ball and arguing passionately about how sound travels, kids getting themselves ready for church and going without Mike and I (he was kind enough to stay with me at the the hospital for part of the day), and this exchange:

me: oh! I have some littlest petshop under my side of the bed!
Em: why??
me: for emergencies
Em: I'm wondering what kind of emergency calls for little plastic pets...
(i meant birthday party gift emergencies, but she is a funny girl)

Happy Sabbath!