Sunday, August 24, 2008


I finally learned how to edit movies. I cut a bit off this movie of Tate playing with my parents' neighbor's cat. Mike just told Tate that I was putting videos of him on the internet and he said (waving his hands in the air), "No, no, no. Not if she's putting it on youtube...No, no, no.." What a kid. Mike and I have been too sick to care much about anything. So we have been very lazy. But tomorrow school starts. This would be when some might blog about how much they love their kids and what they hope for the future. My kids don't read my blog, they only want to see other people's pics and videos. So I am going to actually tell them, to their face, "You're just so darn fetching precious to me, you little stinkerheads. Don't do drugs." That is how they will know I love them. Also because I get up in the night when they call and I make lunches and listen to them when they talk and I tell them no all the time and yes sometimes. And also, I might tell them that I love them, sometimes. I am cranky when I don't feel good. Now here is the video.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So this is why I have so many posts with one picture each: I was using Picasa and I hit the "Blog this" button. But then I had to save each draft and then I couldn't figure out how to consolidate them. I hope it's ok I posted your child's picture, but it's easier than sending an email and I AM the lazy one here. Also here is a movie of Cody splashing. ha!
Nephew Josh--too quick with the fork and me too slow with the camera!
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Niece Alexis
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The Emilys/Emmalees
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Grandpa Ken and some of the grandkids. And Kaleigh.
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

What constitutes a post?

it's a river otter. just love the otters.
yeah, yeah, I know. Tate has super powers too
it's art, right?

Do I need pictures every time I post? If I was not me looking at my blog, I guess I would wish for pictures. Because text is boring. Also I am boring. The universe, too, at times, is boring. As are many text books. So is sunny weather. I really enjoyed last night's storm.

The end.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yeah. I am tired now. All done.

Ok. just so no one gets offended. I am adding links. Angie is the only one I had memorized. Now I am too tired to look up everyone else's. Tomorrow, ok? I know you are all excited to get links on my page, but you will have to be patient.