Sunday, November 11, 2012

foolish and foolisher

A few days before my birthday, I decided I wanted to do a session in our new temple on my birthday.  I made my reservation and when the day came, I drove about 3 blocks away before I realized I didn't have my recommend.  I always have my recommend.  Just not today.  Trying to keep it short, by the time I found it and ran from the car, the brother at the desk told me I'd missed my session. :(  He said that their was work to do on the third floor, if I wanted to participate.  I got dressed and went up.  I was told that that work was finished and they didn't have another group at the moment.  I walked back to my cubicle and had a little cry.  I WAS ONE OF THE FIVE FOOLISH VIRGINS!!!! I missed my chance because I wasn't prepared!  It felt awful. I thought, "today? I have to learn a lesson TODAY? It's my birthday!!!"  Thankfully there was some work I could do by the changing room.  It turned out to be a great experience and I wondered if that was what I was supposed to do all along.  But next time I will be sooooo ready!

Now for foolisher:  for a year or so after I got out of my back brace, when things were hard, I wished to be back in the hospital bed here at home, out of it on pain meds.  I haven't thought that for a long time.  But today, I felt overwhelmed and it happened again--wishing I was incapacitated physically and mentally.  CRAZY.  That was a dumb thought and I repented of it.

Even foolisher, I am going to have a booth at the Christmas Bazaar at the senior center.  I am making Christmas jewelry.  I know, what am I thinking?!?!?!?