Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Good old Hockey game, it's the best game you can name!

I decided that I would fix Tate's red-eye, even though it gave the picture an awesome creepy effect.
See how Mike and Tate are both watching the game, just at different ends of the arena. Also how Hayden got so bored he had to play his DS and kept asking what happened when people would cheer.
The game. But not an exciting part. I would have been too busy watching to take a pic.

We got tickets to a Utah Grizzlies game last night. The Grizz lost, but my, what a high scoring game: 5 to 8. It's fun to cheer when they score, so that's all good. It was my first big outing without my brace and I was glad to sit in seats with a back on them. The churros cost three times as much as at Costco and aren't any more tasty. We saw Elder L. Tom Perry outside and inside the arena. It was a fun time, as the pictures depict. Next time on our blog: miscellaneous pictures and how I came to spell miscellaneous properly the first time.