Sunday, September 23, 2012

No comfort(able shoes) in Zion

 I have a lot to say about the last two days, the cultural celebration and the dedication, but I have to get this off my chest first.

After two open house ushering shifts, our family's turn to see the open house, walking to the celebration and to the dedication, I realized this: I have absolutely no comfortable dress shoes that I can walk more than two blocks or stand for 5 hours in the elevator in.  Poor sentence construct, but you get the point.  I am not short on shoes.  And they are not all pinch-y high heels--I can go up and down the stairs after my sunbeams and out to the parking lot of meeting house or temple just fine.  But not the kind of standing and walking I have been doing.  Perhaps I need to ask some sister missionaries where they shop...or not care about wearing orthopedic shoes... NOOO, I think I'll ask the sisters....

Thursday, September 20, 2012

ehhh, what the heck, I'll give 'er a whirl

So I am here, but I don't know if this means I'm back.  I have a back, and it is doing fine as long as I exercise, thanks for asking.  That worked out better than could be expected.  I still hate dinner, it still hates me, but I am trying.  I still have all three kids, I guess that went better than I  expected.

Speaking of kids, I find it ironic that I have to censor myself on facebook as much as I think Hayden must censor himself.  I mean, having two teens and a tween makes for some hilarious material for sharing. (insert eye roll) (is there an emoticon for eye rolling? it's not the first time I've wondered that)  Not all of this sharing would be appreciated.  Truly, it would be embarrassing for us all, but I have only a few threads of dignity left, so....I got nothing to lose. :)  Son had a friendgirl with a birthday. I make jewelry, and keep some things on hand for emergency gifts (nothing says "I am sorry for your bad/sad event" like a pair of earrings-- I used to give cheese, but I started feeling weird about that).  I offered a pair of earrings to son for this friendgirl, who I have talked to some. WRONG thing, even if they come partially from me.  Ok, I understand.  Here is a new pack of gum, perfect friend gift.  After school, son describes conversation about gifts.  He told her about the earring thing.  She said, "why would your mom want to give me earrings?" and he said "I know, right?"  and they laughed.  I said, "YOU HAVE TO GO BACK AND EXPLAIN THAT I MAKE EARRINGS AND HAVE THEM ON HAND!!!!" (which is also a weird expression--"on hand")  "AND THAT THEY ARE NOTHING TO ME! TELL HER NOW! GET OUT YOUR PHONE AND TELL HER! ALSO TELL THAT GIRL WHO WAS HERE THE OTHER NIGHT THAT THAT EARWIG SHE FOUND ON HERSELF HITCHED A RIDE FROM OUTSIDE BECAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE AN EARWIG PROBLEM! DID YOU TELL HER? GIVE ME YOUR PHONE SO I CAN TEXT THEM BOTH AND SETTLE THIS!!!!!"  Son laughed.  Daughter laughed. Small but not small anymore son laughed. Ah, mom is so funny when she gets upset! hahahah.

I was not laughing.  As I mentioned, I have only just a little dignity left. Son says, "Why do you care what my friends think of you? They are my friends. That is stalker, mom."  Well, no one likes to be thought of as UNpleasantly crazy.  Pleasant crazy, that is ok.  And I had had enough of kidtrouble for a lifetime on this day. I put in my earbuds and played myself some good 80's music while I made dinner, taking me back to the time when I was just me and not mom.  Best husband in the world walks over, pulls out an earbud and whispers, "I  know you are a person."  That deserved a kiss, so I paid him. Then I went back to my music.  Dinner was ready too soon that night.  See, I told you dinner hates me.