Sunday, September 23, 2012

No comfort(able shoes) in Zion

 I have a lot to say about the last two days, the cultural celebration and the dedication, but I have to get this off my chest first.

After two open house ushering shifts, our family's turn to see the open house, walking to the celebration and to the dedication, I realized this: I have absolutely no comfortable dress shoes that I can walk more than two blocks or stand for 5 hours in the elevator in.  Poor sentence construct, but you get the point.  I am not short on shoes.  And they are not all pinch-y high heels--I can go up and down the stairs after my sunbeams and out to the parking lot of meeting house or temple just fine.  But not the kind of standing and walking I have been doing.  Perhaps I need to ask some sister missionaries where they shop...or not care about wearing orthopedic shoes... NOOO, I think I'll ask the sisters....


Michele said...

ooo good idea! Where do they get their shoes? We have Elders in our ward.
I like how heels look, but I do way too many things in the course of a day that require practical shoes.

Lauren said...

I had Dansko's and Eccos on my mission. The Dansko's were quite heavy, but very comfortable. The Ecco's were really comfortable but were hideously ugly, but hopefully have improved in Design since then.