Sunday, November 15, 2009


I am using our new laptop, which we were going to get anyway, but my dumb accident hastened. Eventually I will get so I can get pics from the network, but I will probably be able to get downstairs easier before that happens. Soon I will post pics of my new turtle shell (back brace) and my sweet hospital bed and walker (borrowed from a generous Crae and Laurie). And even though this blog (and life in general) is all about me, I will post pics of the kids and blog some about our fun outing to Mackay. There were moments during the last three weeks (lucid ones, mind you) where I thought alot about being on the receiving end of service, about faith, and about grace. Then I'd realize that they were too personal to share yet. Mere words cannot express the gratitude I feel for everyone who's helped me. I'm still ashamed about how much some of you have helped me and I feel that I don't dare talk to you until I pay you back or figure some way to properly thank you. Or at least be able to not cry when I think about it.
I guess my plan to be humble enough without the Lord's help to avoid having trials had it's flaws....:)