Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh yeah, I did it. Took me long enough.

Well. There you have it. More pictures. Only problem is now we have about a gazillion pictures from Yellowstone to go through now. This is like the slide shows of yonder days, where you have people over and trap them in your home while forcing them to watch your slides/home movies of your vacation. At least that way you usually got dinner for your torture. This way you have to feed yourself.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ah, phooey!

I meant to add about seven more pictures. After my fourth attempt, I got mad and quit for the moment. Today I had to finish Emily's new leotard and now Mike is canning grapes. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I dance, I sing, I (don't) steal things: the tag part two

I believe: (now that's a loaded question) that the church is true, some people aren't;most people are basically good; we reap what we sow; that everything will be ok in the end and if it's not ok, then it's not the end yet.
I dance: whenever I can and not as well as I used to. But it's still so fun.
I don't: pick up after myself. I should, I just don't.
I argue: in my head with people that I think are wrong. Most times it won't change anything to do it outloud.
I write: lists more than prose.
I win: uhm, almost no board games, but most of the "take a bath" fights.
I lose: at most games I play with Mike, but I don't care. He has to put away the game after. ha!
I wish: for world peace (that Miss Congeniality enough for you, Dave?) and to be translated before things get really ugly here on earth.
I listen: to music! All the time! All kinds! (ok, not all kinds. I really hate country and gangsta rap and heavy metal)
I can usually be found: asleep. At church, at home, in the car, you name it.
I am scared: of mice. very scared.
I need: way more sleep than other people, it seems. And something to watch or listen to while I do dishes.
I forget: (whoa, big list coming) all kinds of things, things at the store, to show up for visiting teaching appoinments, people's names, things I'm supposed to do..........
I am happy: when my kids are happy, when Mike laughs, when I listen to my favorite music loud in the car and think how beautiful the world is, when I think about how good I have it, when I think about how the Savior died for me so that I can be with my babies and Mike and my mommy and daddy forever, when my kids make good choices all by themselves, etc etc etc

ok, now I think Mom Julie should do this. That's what you get for saying you're waiting for my answers!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don't feel bad, Julie A; I'm just not patient enough to find all those pictures.:(

Ok, Angie, I give. Part one:
I am: too impatient.
I know: just enough about things to be dangerous to myself.
I want: to feel good all the time.
I have: lots and lots of things to be grateful for, and also dirty dishes.
I dislike: pet hair
I miss: Washington
I feel: like I can never get caught up
I hear: pretty well. Try sneaking a cookie or planning a crime out loud in this house....
I smell: every smell, and some are not good.
I crave: whatever I want at the moment. Now, chocolate.
I cry: when men cry. How do you not?
I search: for keys and shoes and earrings and bills and everything
I wonder: what people think about me
I regret: moments I could have been nicer or reached out to someone
I love: Mike, my kids, family, sleeping, rain, (can this be a separate tag???)
I care: too much about people getting along and if people like me
I worry: about my kids, about people I love dying, about money, about other people's problems.. (this deserves its own list)
I remember: enough good things to feel happy and enough bad things to keep me careful

Next time: part two, including things about dancing, winning, and losing.