Sunday, February 20, 2011

the internet is forever, you know.

My children in their red-eyed splendor
the deer they named Scruffy in our yard. watching us.
My little baby is getting baptized in two weeks. wah.

So I broke down and wrote a new post. I asked Mike about it and he reminded me that stuff stays on the internet forever and even if the post didn't embarrass me, it could (but shouldn't ) affect job interviews and insurance coverage down the road.
So here is the more "pc" summary: I've been down for a few months. It's getting better. I don't feel like blogging when I feel like that, so I haven't. Guess I should've put someone else in charge. Didn't care enough. Also, please don't feel badly if I haven't commented on your blogs. I've read and enjoyed them but couldn't muster a comment. It's a reflection on me, not on you. Sounds like a break up speech, eh? But I am almost myself again, so watch out! I will have to wean myself from re-runs of tv on the internet. Got so desperate to avoid reality I was watching "Welcome Back Kotter". It was funnier than I remembered, but still....