Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don't feel bad, Julie A; I'm just not patient enough to find all those pictures.:(

Ok, Angie, I give. Part one:
I am: too impatient.
I know: just enough about things to be dangerous to myself.
I want: to feel good all the time.
I have: lots and lots of things to be grateful for, and also dirty dishes.
I dislike: pet hair
I miss: Washington
I feel: like I can never get caught up
I hear: pretty well. Try sneaking a cookie or planning a crime out loud in this house....
I smell: every smell, and some are not good.
I crave: whatever I want at the moment. Now, chocolate.
I cry: when men cry. How do you not?
I search: for keys and shoes and earrings and bills and everything
I wonder: what people think about me
I regret: moments I could have been nicer or reached out to someone
I love: Mike, my kids, family, sleeping, rain, (can this be a separate tag???)
I care: too much about people getting along and if people like me
I worry: about my kids, about people I love dying, about money, about other people's problems.. (this deserves its own list)
I remember: enough good things to feel happy and enough bad things to keep me careful

Next time: part two, including things about dancing, winning, and losing.

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kenandshaney said...

I always knew you were too sweet, kind and loving and that you could probably be bribed with chocolate:)