Sunday, August 22, 2010

People on a Beach

Three silly kids on the beach
three silly kids, their dad and his kite on a beach
Mike and Emily and rocks on a beach
Hayden sitting on rocks on a beachTate looking like a manta ray (in his reflection) on the beach
Emily and her baggie of shells she wouldn't touch on the beach
A fine example of the stride I love on the beach
Me taking my own photo on the beach
my boys looking for stuff on the beach
Hayden and Mike. The beach was so big, and the water so far out right then, it just seemed so cool, these two guys, in the middle of the beach.

PS I am dividing our many many photos (which I will not bore you with all of) into categories. These are pictures of people on a beach.

pps don't you think I need a fancy camera with super zoom???


chelebug said...

Wait, where is the spanish inquisition? I am loving all of the oceany beach pictures you have been posting lately. :)

iamwright said...

So pretty! Your family looks very nice on a beach.

Veater Family said...

Love pictures of people on the beach!!! :)

Mike A said...

#31. Beach
#32. Beach
#33. Beach
#34. The Spanish Inquisition...

I didn't expect that.

Nate said...

Oh I love the Oregon coast. and by the way Mike, NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUSITION!

CEA said...

Nice photos, looks like a good trip and cool place to vacation. Couldn't live there because of the whole issue with having to have people pump gas for you, but other than that, pretty cool. And yes, you do need a fancy camera with super zoom (some of the news ones are pretty cool), though they are no good for indoor photos so keep your other one.