Sunday, August 15, 2010

Deep-sea Fishing but not for Me

The boat. Or, as they say on "Phineas and Ferb", bo-at (bow @).
Hayden felt he'd caught enough after 6 (including two at once). So he napped.
My dad, working on a big one!
Mike and my dad.

Hayden and my dad.

I didn't go because Emily and Tate are scared of boats. It was ok, because we all hung out with my mom that morning. That was fun. I bought $$$ of salt water taffy. Yikes!

I didn't include pictures of the bloody rubbermaid tote with all the fish inside...if you'd like to see them, e-mail Mike, who will gladly share them. Not me. ick.

Now, a word from Mike: We didn't actually take any pictures of the fish as we brought them in because we were just busy fishing. I wish we had some photos, but no, we don't. When I brought in the big ling cod I knocked on the window to get sleeping Hayden's attention. He looked out, but he didn't bother to come take a picture. Here is one photo I took using my phone because it was easier than getting the camera out early on when Tonya's dad had caught 2 rockfish and Hayden and I had caught the slightly smaller but larger number of rockfish in the other tote. We caught larger ones after this. Really.

In the end we ended up with a whole bunch of rockfish, one "sea trout" (really a kelp greenling - very pretty colors), and a nice ling cod (the biggest, meanest, and reportedly tastiest of them all). We now have a whole lot of fish fillets in our freezer, vacuum packed and awaiting future dinners.

Certain smaller kids need to get over this boat problem if they ever want to go out whale watching one of these days...

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Krystal said...

It's funny that I knew what you meant when you wrote "Bo-at"!! I get a kick out of that show.

Looks like a fun trip. I find it amuzing that Hayden is napping in every picture!