Monday, September 6, 2010

Willard Peak-what a ride...

Hayden's in misery.
View of Brigham City
Perry reservoir
View of Ogden valley and Pineview reservoir
Loverly mountain flowers

So back in July we grabbed Subway (to please Emily) and drove up to Willard Peak. Mike's always wanted to check it out. The view in 3 directions was sa-weet!!! We never made it to the end of the road, though, because all three of the kids were very very unhappy. Emily hates driving on mountain roads with cliffs, Hayden said it all made him feel sick, and Tate was distraught because everyone else was. sigh. The ride WAS pretty rough, but the view more than made up for it to Mike and I. Sounds like a good (but long) date idea for next summer.


iamwright said...

Wow that is pretty! I haven't been up there forever.

Nate said...

Ah yes, that is a nice ride. You have to try it on a motorcycle next time. Much funner :)