Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hayden at Scout Camp

Hayden is at Scout camp right now. He went Monday (yesterday). I drove him and several other boys up in the van. 250 miles with a van full of scouts is quite the adventure in and of itself. It's Camp Loll, located a whole 2 miles south of Yellowstone and 4 miles north of the Tetons in the middle of nowhere. It's a beautiful spot. I stayed overnight and most of this morning, then came home today. So I took some photos in between swatting mosquitoes (I'm sure Tonya is jealous that she missed those) while I was there.

Let's start with Hayden in camp as we were just moving things in from the trucks and trailers (yes, he was helping, he just happened to be sitting when I took the picture).

Shortly after arrival, the scouts had to do a swim check in the ice cold lake. Lucky them! Here they are eating quesadillas quickly before heading down to the lake for aquatics orientation.

Arrival at the waterfront gate (a photo which I will not rotate, in keeping with Tonya's work on the blog). ;-)

There were a lot of canoes stacked up by the lake. Some of them have stickers on them going back quite a few years. There's a lot of history at this camp since it has been around since 1960, if I recall correctly.

The end of the lake. It's really pretty. And cold.

It rained a couple of times very lightly. Suddenly the sky darkens, everyone throws on rain gear, it rains for 20 minutes, then it's nice again. Fortunately, the mosquitoes disappear during the rain.

Hayden this morning shortly after waking up remarkably cheerful.

Hayden cooking the hash browns for breakfast, along with which they also had French toast, sausages, chocolate milk, and orange juice. These boys are not suffering for food. They are eating very well thanks to Bro. Greenhalgh from the ward. He's great at organizing the cooking.

Chess and Stratego have been in use quite a bit. Notice the nice screen canopy to keep out the mosquitoes. Stupid mosquitoes.

And lastly, here's a campfire from last night so you can pretend you're at camp, too. I was sad to leave and come home.


Julie Adams said...

Looks like a great scout camp and the best part is it is Grizz Country. I hope Hayden has a fun and safe time and not too too many mosquitoes.

iamwright said...

That lake looks so pretty!

Mike A said...

It's called Lake of the Woods. It's really beautiful. The camp is at one end of it and they really only use part of the lake. It's pretty long. The photo really doesn't do it justice, it just happened to be one I took as I was walking.

Julie Geldmacher said...

Wow, it looks like a beautiful camping place. Mosquitoes, they are everywhere. But, we love the moisture.

Nate said...

Mike, nice photos. I hope Hayden has a great time up there. Just so you know, there are no mosquitoes in Morgan. (OK that's a generalization but there are very few - like 1 a year - so you're welcome here anytime :)