Sunday, December 21, 2008

He's ok

We made a lot of movies. Emily was barely inching down the hill, so it was too painful to watch hers. But I included a still shot of her.
The picture of our tree was right side up when I looked at it in preview mode. Just tilt your head. The other pic is just the light breaking through the clouds. It's one of my favorite things to see.


Julie Adams said...

Hooray for sledding on the snow. I am looking forward to it warming up so we can hit the sled hills and ice rinks.

iamwright said...

That video is SO cute!

The bunch of us said...

I am so very excited to go sledding this year!! Looks like you all had a great time:)

Nate said...

Your tree looks very nice even though it is sideways. Why not, they have them upside down :) I had forgotten about sledding. Thanks for the reminder. I will have to turn our little guys loose with a sled and see what happens.

Andrea Hardman said...

Tanya, you crack me up. I, too, want to be witty but my wittiness has left me for a while. Now I'm just boring. But perhaps it will return some day.

Julie Geldmacher said...

Fun, fun, fun!
"I'm OK" -- How cute is that.
Your tree is beautiful no matter how you post it and the mountain at sunrise is amazing. I can only imagine how pretty to actually see.