Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally, a few pictures!

The kids making sugar cookies. This was our FHE activity. We decided that a ten minute lesson and scriptures wasn't cutting it. We told the kids that all their homework and chores and practicing has to be done before dinner because from after dinner until bedtime is all family night now. Emily made us a chart and we have an activity, too. So far we've made cookies, played with Emily's ello toys, and played a board game. Tate only ever wants to go bowling, so I guess that will be what we do on his turn. :)
These are the flowers that Mike got for way cheap when he went to the store Valentine's night for milk to get us through Sunday. Clearance flowers are the only flowers I like. Because they die, you know.
Yummy kisses.
This is Hayden with his "eye of Sauron" (sp?) cookie. Can you guess what he read last week?
These are the cookies of Mike and me. Note the meeples and the skull and crossbones. Not mine.


The bunch of us said...

Nice! We have tried to up our FHE with more activities too!! Sure makes a difference for the kids, but sometimes I just think its extra work for me;)

Amy Adams said...

Mmmmmmm cookies...... sorry Preggy girls like me are easily distracted by food. I love your flowers though and the FHE sounds fun. I made dinner tonight which
i think is the first time this month so you are awesome.

Julie Geldmacher said...

Glad your computer is working again. Those cookies look yummy! The flowers are beautiful. Somebody must love you!

Andrea Hardman said...

Very fun ideas. So...it IS possible to get everything done before dinner. You offer hope in this bleak bleak world we live in. :)

tonya said...

I didn't say it always works, Andrea,I just said that that's the plan. Remember without a proper pattern we end up with a crummy looking shirt! I just have to be a real drill sergeant: "NO TV! I SAID PRACTICE. THAT IS NOT ON THE LIST OF THINGS TO DO!" which always helps set the mood, don't you think???

iamwright said...

Hey if you ever need a cop voice to help you with that let me know. I have one on hand that you could borrow. :)

Melissa said...

I think our kids think family night is all about the activity. And A and J fight over who's turn it is everyweek. But a few weeks ago I picked Junior pictionary under protest, but everyone had fun. It was a game we could all play with our variety of ages!

You are doing great Tonya. Keep up the good work!