Sunday, July 12, 2009

Salt Lake Bees vs. Colorado Springs Sky Sox vs. Camera at Home

So, we went to the Salt Lake Bees game tonight. It was fun. We like to go to at least one baseball game a year, just for the experience. We used to go to games in Calgary (usually when they played against Salt Lake) and we go to Ogden Raptors games sometimes as well. This particular game went into extra innings, but only the 10th. No one even scored in the game until the Bees scored 2 in the 7th, Colorado Springs scored 2 in the 8th, then sadly Colorado scored 1 in the 10th, winning the game 3-2.

Anyway, we forgot the camera, so this is a Use Your Imagination post. Just pretend that the following photos actually exist. Enjoy.

[Photo of all the family smiling, sitting in a row in the ballpark]

[Photo of baseball players on the field starting the game]

[Photo of the Bees mascot entertaining kids]

[Photo of the visiting San Diego Chicken entertaining kids]

[Photo of the visiting San Diego Chicken beating up Barney the Dinosaur]

[Photo of the kids looking tired later on in the game with Tate on Mike's lap instead of in his own seat]

[Video of us singing during the 7th inning stretch followed by commentary about how it would be funny if we sang "The Good Old Hockey Game" song instead]

[Photo of the kids eating purple cotton candy]

[Photo of the scoreboard ending the game after 10 innings]

[Video of the kids running around the bases on the field after the game]

I hope you enjoyed the imaginary photos and videos of the game just as much as we enjoyed being there. Next time I'll have to try this type of post for my fishing trips.


Julie Adams said...

great pictures! You are guys are funny.

Nate said...

Nice post, although my image of the San Diego Chicken beating up Barney resembles the old Doom video game. I'm sure it was different in real life.

The bunch of us said...

Nice post!!! I guess I should start posting like this instead of not posting at all because I can't seem to remember the camera at all any more! Brad got free tickets to 3 different raptors games but due to his insane schedule we will not be around for any! Maybe next year:)

Kelly.Chick said...

Awesome post, I especially enjoyed the singing video about "The Good Old Hockey Game".

iamwright said...

My favorite is definetly the Barney photo! Love it!..and thanks again for Saturday. I owe you guys! :)

Mike A said...

It was even better watching Barney get beat up in person. I recommend it. Barney was a sweet dancer, however, so in the end Barney's level on my respect scale stayed about even.

Any yeah, Kel, it was Colorado Springs. I would have rubbed it in had they lost like they were supposed to. Oh well. Stupid 10th inning.

tonya said...

Ah, heck. I didn't mind that C.Springs won, I just wanted the game to be over because I knew I still had to go to the store when we got back to Brigham. I never got around to it before we left for SL. We didn't end up next to the hot dog steam, but we were still close enough that when they spilled pickle juice, it made it down the steps to Hayden's feet. MMMM....pickle juice.