Friday, September 4, 2009

Ode to our late van.

This is the side that got smashed while we were spinning around. The door no longer closes.

This is the side the at-fault driver hit. (I'm so p.c.) That is the back bumper on top of the van, and there is no glass in the sliding door window. The pictures don't do it justice. They don't show the smell of gas (still!) nor all the wasps that moved in while it sat here. THAT was fun.

so now to the ode. Oh van, we loved your eight seats, your power sliding door, your cupholders, and your huge gas tank. We loved your great gas mileage (hey, everything beats the Explorer), your trip odometer, your mileage and compass and temperature display. We loved your clean carpet and brakes. Ah, we will miss you.


Lynn said...

Oh my gosh!!! DId I miss a previous post or something??? What happened?! Okay.....I can see there was an accident. But where. and how.

I am SO glad that you are all okay. YIKES!

Andrea Hardman said...

Rhyan talked to Mike the other day and told me about the accident. Wow! So glad you are all OK and that the brave van took the brunt of it.

iamwright said...

Yay! The horrible van is gone...:) time to upgrade to an Expedition. Love you guys.. glad no one was hurt!

Mike A said...

Here's a reminder of just how awesome the van was just a few short months ago, with the original Van tour by Emily.

The New Van

For Lynn and those far away who have not heard, Tonya, Emily and Tate were headed to the fruit stands in Perry when a driver on the other side of the road moved into the turn lane, then kept moving into their lane and accelerated. Tonya swerved, was hit, the van spun around and hit another vehicle. The perpetrator stopped another 500+ feet further down the road. We don't know why. No one was seriously injured. Good thing.

I think it's ironic that it happened within miles of the house less than 12 hours after making an 850 mile drive home from Seattle in one day.

Still, we miss the van. We're looking for another one. It was just perfect for us and now it's gone. I guess that's what happens when I get released from Young Mens so I no longer need to haul scouts to camp.

Julie Geldmacher said...

Sooo sorry to see your van is such bad shape. Get feeling better soon, Tonya! We hope you find another one, even better.