Sunday, April 3, 2011

a "mormon" blog button and crock pots

According to General Conference, I need one of those blog buttons that says "I'm a Mormon" with "Mormon" crossed out and under it "member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints". Except that I know for a fact that only people in my family and a couple of close friends read this blog, and they'd darn well better know that already. If they don't I'm in biiig trouble. Conference was good and I don't dare tell you any parent revelation I got because I know that Hayden will read this and tell the others. I always wonder if they are listening to the be a good parent talks and getting the inside scoop on my strategies. Of course I do hope they heard the part where someone said that I HAVE to correct them--it's my job.

In unrelated news, I will share that when I got up this morning and the pork I'd put in the crock pot last night was cooked on the bottom but raw on top, I decided it might be time for a new crock pot and that we weren't going to have pork roast after all. You see, as a newlywed, I foolishly opened the crockpot we were given, only to find that THE CROCK WAS NON-REMOVABLE. Soon after that, we were given a good, removable kind, but I had already opened the dumb one, so we exchanged it for something else. My mom then gave us her old crock pot, which we have used for another almost 16 years. It is avacado on the outside, to give you an approximate age. The moral of this story is either A) don't open any boxed gifts until you are really sure or B) it is cruel to give newlyweds gifts after they've been married for a month. heh heh. who am I kidding? Presents are always in style!

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Michele said...

I really enjoyed conference too. We just got a new crock pot for Christmas because I was tired of the one we got when we were married that did not have a removable crock & because it did not fit enough food for us anymore. Our Walmart one is working great, but I recommend looking up the one at WilliamSonoma just for price comparison, but not while you are eating or you might choke, like I felt like I could when I happened to get a catalog in the mail and saw how much it is.