Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is why my kids don't do the news. But it'd be funny.

So does anyone know how to change the order of the pictures that get posted? The video was supposed to show up first. Anyway, this is cute niece Emmalee.
Here we are at the Discovery Gateway. It was a last minute decision. But it broke my heart. Hayden was too old for pretty much everything there. Emily was close behind. Only Tate could have stayed for hours. I don't want them to grow up. Not cool.
Very cool water play area.
Ah, marimbas bring such a joyous sound to the world.

Finally, the thing you came here to see, my kids behind the news desk. Wow.


Andrea Hardman said...

I have to admit that the news would be much more entertaining if they all had a bouncing Tate behind the desk. It would be distracting though.

iamwright said...

I'd love to see a bouncing Tate on the news...and that niece is darling. :)

The bunch of us said...

Kaleigh loves it!!! She can't get enough of watching Tate! She still asks all the time when we are going to see Onya and Tate:)

Julie Geldmacher said...

You can sure see the difference in ages. Hayden is good with his hands. He looks very official. Emily looks really pretty by his side and Tate, well he is Tate. It looks fun there!

Savanna said...

I think KSL found some new anchors!