Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fishing and etc

These are my $5 shoes that I made un-plain. Hayden gave me props even though I'm still "mostly fuddy-duddy".

Either Emily or Hayden's bluegill. Should've gotten the child in the pic, too.
Hayden. Can't see his face, but you know what that looks like. This shows what a pretty spot it is. Hayden caught six fish.
Also illustrative of the loveliness.
Mike getting Emily untangled.
Yellow-headed blackbird, Mike tells me.
Mike's fat bluegill from the small pond.
One of Tate's many, many fish. He kept telling everyone, "Dad says I'm a pro now!"This is the muskrat Emily named Fuzzy. He swam around a lot, not even caring that we were there.
I swear that I turned and saved this picture. But it's all about Tate's sweet shirt. Hayden has one too.

Since the kids had Friday off, Mike took the day off and we went fishing at the ATK ponds near the Golden Spike site. We stopped there, too. Then we went to Pocatello. We'll take care of that next post.


Mike A said...

That first fish is Emily's. I can tell by the fly she was using - an orange and yellow SMP (Skip Morris Panfish fly). Hayden was using a yellow foam gurgle-pop with a white hair tail most of the time (similar to the one you were using).

chelebug said...

Love the shoes. And the fishing pics. Not so much the t-shirt :)

iamwright said...

Very nice!

Julie Geldmacher said...

The T-shirt is good for me. The blue-gills are really nice, too.

Carrie said...

I need some cute new shoes. If you make them I will buy them. Size 8 wide. :)