Saturday, April 3, 2010

cop-out dinners and a photo or 2 or 10

I've been playing with fingernail polish. I kept seeing enamel-coated metal stuff in jewelry, and I thought, isn't fpolish like enamel?
I took a class at JoAnn's about making clay flowers. This one I burned in the little toaster oven, hence the bubbles on the edge, and ta-da, fingernail polish to cover up the burned spots.
This was a poster we saw at BYU.
This is the reflection of the top half of a piece of sculpture, in the water of the bottom half. Springville Art Museum.
He did not pose for this! I snuck up and took it with the zoom. see comment on Tate's photo.
Sweet tea-party sculpture.
Tate didn't pose for this, either. Someone said that we should take our kids someplace fun instead of to museums. I feel sorry for her. My kids like museums. Tate's totally got the museum stance! Sometimes we ask them which piece they like best and why. It's neat to see they are developing their own taste.
Bean Museum at BYU. The butterfly is made of butterflies. Pretty cool.
Tate has horns too.
Emily's DNA. Not from her body, from class. The different colors of marshmallows represent different things. See, they shouldn't close Bunderson because this is the coolest DNA I've ever seen.

I know I can't nor do I want to have a regular theme blog. But I've been in need of what I call cop-out meals lately. You know, like spaghetti: start green beans and pasta water to boil, grab sauce from the freezer and defrost in the microwave. 20 minutes, max. Found a short cut for my friend Chelsea's faboo potato soup, even though I like the fresh veggies more. Frozen cube hashbrowns and frozen chopped carrots, celery, and onion. Do you have a cop out meal you want to share?


iamwright said...

Do crockpot meals count? That's all my kids have been having lately but they love it cause it's not the normal fast food we eat nightly. I just added a cool crockpot link to my blog.

Nate said...

Cop out meal of the day coming. Amy loves wraps (that's what she calls them). They consist of a chicken breast cooked up with some Yoshida's sauce and served in a tortilla with whatever you like. Sometimes, lettuce, sometimes rice, sprouts, cheese, sour cream, whatever. She would eat these every day if possible and it takes no more than 20 minutes.

chelebug said...

love your blog- even when it's not theme oriented. I love all the cool museums you guys see. :) Someone really said you should take your kids somewhere fun instead? Sad for that person- so missing out. I wish my kids liked museums more than they do- okay they love children's musuem here and the science museum, but the art museums not so much :( I think all the art museums we visit and art books we have are a bit of overkill for my boys. too bad, maybe when they are adults all of the art knowledge they have surpressed will surface and be appreciated. Sorry we didn't see you when we were in town. We were only there for 2 days- one day funeral in Idaho the other celebrating easter with family. It was too short for all the driving we did.

Julie Geldmacher said...

Your kids are so great to love museums. That is wonderful since they are so young. It will help them so much in the future.
Hmmm... the quick meal we like is fetticini(sp?), cook the noodles while heating up a bottled white sauce, add canned mushrooms, clams, chicken, or shrimp. Serve with parmesan cheese and a green salad.

CEA said...

Cop out meal - Wendy's.