Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My brother got married!

Ty, Lauren, and kids from our sideMy handsome guys
The cousins
My niece
My kids.

I still haven't really recovered from the quick trip yet. In fact, I put on my back brace for a little bit this morning. I was asleep before any of the kids last night. Thank goodness Mike could keep his eyes open long enough to put them to bed!


Julie Geldmacher said...

It looks like the wedding was really nice.
Did you make all the ties?

Mike A said...

The ties are from actually. It's a nice site. If you ever need a bunch of matching ties, pocket squares, scarves, etc. for a wedding party or event, I would highly recommend it. They were nice enough to send fabric swatches to most closely match some ribbon even. All the family on both sides wore matching ties.

iamwright said...

You're kids look adorable!