Monday, May 31, 2010

We did something fun in April. SURPRISE!

Tate and Em give the news while Hayden has a snooze. heh.
The look of happiness on his face was great. He loves this place.
I guess Hayden and Emily are getting too old for even this part of the museum. Tate was ready to reprise his old role of popping up and disappearing like he did a couple of years ago. He was the only one interested in the re enactment.
Who doesn't love a helicopter??
Ha ha. Hayden's in front of a green screen. Should've dressed him all in that shade of green so he could be a bobbing head.
Didn't get to spend long enough in the building area.
Hayden shops for rubber fish and plays his DS at the same time. He insists he can't multitask. hmphf!
No! I'm the cashier! NO! I got here first!
Tate loved riding the front runner!
They really did look out the windows sometimes, I promise.

We went to the Gateway Children's Museum on the Front Runner (commuter train) on a day off from school in April. We grabbed McD's and ate it on the train. The kids enjoyed it and I didn't have to stay awake behind the wheel. When we missed the trax back to the FR station, we had to walk to the next stop. My back didn't love that back then. It'd be ok now. Tate loves the museum, but Hayden and sometimes Emily are too old. Hayden grouched enough to make me mad. Overall, we had a good time. It's the overall that counts, right?


chelebug said...

I would love it if you dressed Hayden in a green suit so he was a bobbing head. It would keep me entertained for a good while. :)

iamwright said...

I bet my little ones would like this. I'll have to run them down there. They've never been. Looks fun.