Sunday, June 20, 2010

Two birthdays for the price of one. (we wish)

Hayden's birthday cake. Out of sequence. sigh.
For Memorial Day, we were too tired from our trip to WA and end of school festivities to do much of anything. We went geocaching using our friend's gps. It was pretty fun!
The Adams' grandparents' poppies are doing well in our yard. Love that color.
This is what the decorations look like when you celebrate a 13-year-old-boy's birthday. Food. We didn't decorate the living room like we used to and Hayden seemed ok with that.
Emily had a more traditional birthday; friends, streamers, cake, etc.
Emily's cake had ocean sprinkles. Dolphins, seahorses, whales, turtles, blue sprinkle ocean. She loves that kind of thing.


chelebug said...

Those birthdays look like fun :) I love the poppy picture. Was it the reunion yet? Did you guys go? I liked your comment on my blog about waiting until the night before to ask people to give a talk- for their own good. Funny.

iamwright said...

Happy birthday kiddo's.

Mike A said...


The reunion is this Friday and Saturday. Since the Saturday picnic is right across the street from our house, it would be hard not to go. It should be fun. Sorry you guys won't be there.

chelebug said...

Mike - If it were me I would just watch from the living room window. Brian says, "Two words: water balloons"

tonya said...

hahah brian--I see at least a quarter of those people on a regular basis at stake and school functions. I'd need selective aim to not hit them...