Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beginning at ham and ending at cookies.

I was cutting up an 8 pound ham.  A big ham. That I bought for a family get together that the snowstorm canceled.   Feeling kind of sorry for myself.  Mike was gone to tithing settlement, probably for 4 or 5 hours. Christmas break was almost over.  I am 41. My life is most likely half over and do I want to boil the ham bone in the hopes that maybe THIS winter I will magically love bean soup?  The important part of this is that the optimist in me won, because I am boiling the ham bone, because you never know, I might learn to like bean soup this winter.
The second thing is this: why oh why does time go faster when we get older? It hardly seems fair that the more able to appreciate time and what it can do for us, the faster it disappears.  I want the Christmas break that seemed like a month when I was a kid.  I am actually enjoying having everybody home. No offense, kids, but you are funner now than you were.  You were still cute, but you made me so tired. Mike made a comment about just keeping them home on Wednesday. and Thursday too. and Friday for fun.  Then he remembered homework is crappy. So I guess to school they will go.  And early I will rise and lunches I will pack and driving I will drive.
 I would also like to you to know how sad it is for me to see Christmas lights disappear when Christmas is over.  We have decided to party like Europeans and celebrate until Tres Reyes something.  You know, Epiphany, the three kings, the wisemen, all that stuff that makes it last until January 6th.  Maybe then I will feel I have had my fill of Christmas. but I doubt it.  We still have peanuts left to sugar.  Pumpkin pie to get sick of, peppermint fluff to get sick on, and we never made a single cookie.  Thank goodness we got some from other people. Emily says she wants more peanut brittle. hint hint people, I don't make brittle. I feel brittle, but I don't cook it.
So off I go. I am makin' cookies, friends!


*karen* said...

I think the saddest day of the year is when I have to take down my christmas stuff!! I am not ready for it to be over too! I still have to take it down, I've been putting it off. On the bright side, I have too much peanut brittle, I can't eat it all! I will bring you some on Sunday! :)

Emily Adams said...

We NEED the peppermint fluff, mother! We NEED it!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a short Christmas break. I have been enjoying my kids, but I am so ready for them to go back to school, at least the young ones. And they don't go back until TUESDAY. Which is good I guess since we never got J a new backpack and hers broke, so now I have one more day to get it done!