Monday, January 14, 2013

O snap! Did I just check my religion at the door?

Point One: I am of the opinion that I lose my temper less and less as I have gotten older. I didn't think I even had a list of things that set me off. But I do. One of those is meanness, more specifically when women are mean to each other. Satan is after women, and it shows when we compare ourselves to other women, when we judge each others' use of time, when we try to assign motives to each other' actions. I get riled up about it. It is bad enough when we do it to each other, but if a man appears to be jumping in to stir the pot....hoo boy.
Point Two: I have never felt like I completely get the story of Mary and Martha in the New Testament.  I know we need spiritual nourishment, but SOMEONE has to make dinner. Is it about timing? Dinner could wait a few until the teaching was over, maybe?  I cringe when I hear the story being used as a blunt object to bash categories of women on the head.  I know that isn't what the Savior wanted it used for.  I got some studying to do, I guess. Does it mean anything that at the top of one staircase in the Brigham temple there is a painting of Mary and Martha and across from it, at the next landing is a painting of a woman picking peaches???
Point Three:  If you haven't read or watched Elder Holland's CES fireside from the fall of 2012 titled, "Israel, Israel, God is Calling", you really must (Mormon Channel). It is a "best" use of a mere 40 minutes of your time.  Even my teenagers loved it.  He talks about how someone excused their rudeness by saying they "check their religion at the door".  Elder Holland said he was so angry he thought about putting his hands firmly around the young man's neck--until he realized his anger was about to cause him to "check his religion at the door".
Point Four: I hate people that get all angry on the internet, especially if it is because they misunderstood or didn't know the facts.  I tsk, tsk them all the time.  But recently, on facebook, I deserved the tsk tsk.  I thought I was defending the better part.  But I realized very quickly that I had "checked my religion at the door" and caused escalation.  Gasp, not everyone needs to be corrected by me???? (sarcasm) It is hard to know when to let stuff go.
Conclusion:  I should stay out of comment sections.
Conclusion Two: I should stick to cute cats and victorian era people saying sassy things on facebook.
Conclusion Three:  Giving people the benefit of the doubt means all people, not just people I think agree with me.
Conclusion Last: How do I get rid of that deep down secret idea that I am actually always right but will hide it to keep the peace? ;)   Ah, humility, I wish I could buy you at walmart. :)

PS conclusion: praise a fellow woman today. Tell her her kids are great, she is great, whatever as long as it's true.  You'll be glad you did.


tjbergstrom said...

I tell lauren not to let me read the comments in news articles online. but I do it anyways. It makes me....grumpy. but there just so ridiculous that I can't not help but read them.

*karen* said...

Tonya, you are one of my most favorites in our ward! And I really do think your kids are great! :)

Krystal said...

I miss you. I have always loved your honesty and thoughts. You are one shining example and I feel blessed to know you!

Michele said...

I think you are awesome.