Sunday, April 5, 2009

No pics, only blah-blah-blah.

So like many of you, I was watching conference today. One of the talks (ok, several of the talks) was about following the prophet (which in my mind, includes the twelve also). I thought, "hmm....what am I not listening/obeying the prophet about?" Well, what popped into my mind (mind you, this is not the only thing, just the first thing) was the encouragement they've given us to use our internet presence for good and blog/post/fb/twitter about the church. I feel hesitant to do that because I don't want to cheese people away. I mean, at Christmas I blogged serious and almost everyone disappeared from the comments. Another reason is that I am actually quite reserved about things that matter to me. You might be saying to yourself, "Pigs will fly when she acts shy" (then I would say, "you're a poet and you didn't know it"). Think hard, have you ever known me to wax loquatious about my husband? Do I gush about my kids (I mean gushing with praise, not frustration)? Things that are really, truly important to me are very difficult for me to discuss. I kind of think that I'm not the only one who feels this way. So other than pick fights, which goes contrary to the purpose of all this, what else can I do? Mostly only our family and ward friends look at this blog anyway, so how much do I need to say? Feel free to tell me what you think. What to do, what to do........... besides eat Easter candy, I mean. It really is the holiday with the best candy: coconut nests, choc bunnies, peanut butter eggs............Russell Stover has the best Easter candy. yep. P. S. don't go away--next week we will have pics of Legoland and SeaWorld to bore you with!


Kelly.Chick said...

Tonya, I think you're doing great. We all know that a lot about the church and fellowship stems from example. I'm like you when it comes to talking about my testimony. I don't think you have to share your testimony about the truthfulness of the gospel in each blog post or facebook comment, just try to be a good example of your character. I'm not saying I oppose testimony blog posts, I have friends who post about that regularly and it's actually very uplifting for me to read, even though I may not comment on it. You're a great person, just keep doing what you're doing! I look forward to next week's pictures!

Mike A said...

You could add a poll so people can comment by just clicking a choice. For example, next week could be like this.

Which of the following is the most important from the past week's activities?

o Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ
o Celebrating Mike's birth
o Legoland
o Sea World
o Palm trees
o Days filled with nothing but driving

Nate said...

So, I was looking a the options for the poll, and I have to ask, were the days filled with driving on a motorcycle :) Just kidding. Kelly's comments were very insightful and I think just mentioning your thoughts, as you did in this post, is great. The post is very appropriate to mark the begining of holy week. Hopefully we all make the week "special" in our own way.

iamwright said...

I like the poll idea. Very creative.

Mike A said...


I know by "special" you mean dressing up in Spanish Semana Santa outfits and marching down the street. Good luck with that. As they do it in Leon they blow a ram's horn which makes one of the eeriest sounds I have ever heard - it sticks in the memory.

Julie Geldmacher said...

I love to read whatever you write. I know you have a very strong testimony and you love others. Share if you feel like it. You will never scare away people who love you.
Candy, Christ and all good things go with Easter, don't they?

kenandshaney said...

Tonya I too love to read what you write and always find you uplifting and insightful. I always know that if I have a question I can come to you for help. You are an amazing example to me of righteousness and I look to you often. I really wanted to respond to your post in December and even picked a scripter, but then I got alittle distracted;) I too am not good at sharing my feelings of the gospel with anyone other then my children and I completely agree with what Kelly said! Thank you for who you are and the love, kindness and friendship that you give to me and my family!