Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A bit of this and that.

Above and below are just two examples of all the lovely flowers I received. Thanks, everyone!
What was left of my cool fall display in Mid November.
Typical snow time: Mike shovels and the younger two play. Note the curved sled track.
Our Christmas village. It's small, but we add something every year from the after Christmas sales.
Mike is a way nice daddy. He makes grilled cheese for Tate almost every Saturday, and most times he makes it artistic. I won't do it. Too much pressure.
Sadly, this is an all-too-common sight: Kids attached to a DS. Even at Grandma Julie's house.
Grandma Julie and Grandpa Dave working on dinner.
The kids all bundled up at Temple Square. The kind Greenhalgh family loaned us their sporty little wheelchair so Mike could push me around. haha
PS I learned to spell miscellaneous by working hard in school. Get the hint, kids? Hard work?
PPS I went to physical therapy today. I can only do little baby exercises for a while, being very careful to keep my spine immobile. This could take a while.


Lynn said...

Ha Ha. I remember when I was your visiting teacher and you told me that someday when the kids were older that you would have more breakable things around the house.

When I saw your BEAUTIFUL Christmas suddenly hit me......

Your kids are now older. ; D

Kristi said...

Do I say that I miss you too much? If I do, I'm sorry. But, I always mean it. I miss you guys!

Marns said...

I too miss you guys! And for your physical therapy, I know you can do it! It will take time, but its not something you want to rush! Soon you will be back to your normal self :)

tonya said...

Thanks, Lynn. I hadn't caught that myself. And in the great irony of being mortal, I miss them being little. ha! That whole getting older thing really comes back to me when we have little kids over--I've gotten out of the habit of keeping scissors, etc. up high! Thanks also to you Dudley girls. We miss you and your parents, too. I've been thinking about how your coffee table in the living room always had everyone's scriptures on it, indicating that you read together. We had some wonderful times in Calgary...

*karen* said...

Hey Tonya! I found your blog! Just wanted to say HI! I love your Christmas Village...I have one too!

tonya said...

Thanks, Karen! I'm glad to find your blog, too! It's been so nice getting to know more about you!