Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old fun, no fun.

Man, am I lame. I accidentally erased this picture which was at the end. When I added it again, it's at the top. I really should take some time to figure out how to do this properly. Maybe in a few weeks. ha. I do dream, don't I??
You'd think I'd remember to put the pictures in reverse order when uploading. Not so. This is a sad try at a cool picture op. Didn't have time for a retake, because they called our name for a table at THE OLD SPAGHETTI FACTORY. Emily and Tate had coupons for free kid meals because they are geniuses. Love that veggie lasagna. Hayden ate a whole adult portion of ravioli and some salad. Sheesh. No more kid meal prices...
Hayden and Tate hang with the giant fake coral.
Tate and some girl who wouldn't get out of his picture.

For Human Rights Day we went to the Aquarium in Sandy. It was a quick trip because I couldn't handle a longer trip. The aquarium and dinner and then home. I used the generous Greenhalgh's wheelchair at the aquarium. I was grateful, and it presented a unique experience. Kids kept coming up to me, much more than when I am upright. One even came over on his crutches, cast on his leg, to sympathize with me. I told him I'd used crutches before and I knew how tough it was.

This was the last thing that we did that was much fun. Well, except for being rear-ended on Feb. 13. Can't catch a break, eh? I think next time I will post all two of the pictures from Tate's birthday.
I just checked the camera and there are pictures of dish o' dirt from Groundhog day and family goof-a-lympics. That was special.


iamwright said...

Sweet! Aquariums are awesome!

Andrea Hardman said...

I love the first picture. So much energy. We liked that aquarium when we went but mostly I love, love, LOVE the Old Spagetti Factory. That's a great place. aaawww, lasagna. Fun amiance. (I'm going to pretend I can spell that word)