Sunday, July 20, 2008

dead jellyfish and seashells and ferry boats

I thought I had this straightened out. I was wrong. It's Mike and Emily.
Playing in the cold waves.
They wanted it to look like the whale was going to attack them.
I love the beach.
aforementioned jellyfish. washed up on the beach.
So those are what makes a good vacation, I think. We saw some and rode one (the boat, not the jellyfish). I touched a starfish. My children did not. We went to Pike Place Market in Seattle; Emily loved it and Hayden hated it. We made the long-anticipated trip to the LEGO STORE!!!!We went to the beach and to the Seattle Aquarium and the UW Arboretum. But best of all, we saw Grandma and Grandpa and Ty. Oh, and the neighbor's cats. And the salmon (which we ate). And did I mention the lovely cool weather and the soft skin on my elbows from the humidity? And we only took about 300 pictures.


Cindy said...

Was that Whale at the Tulalip Casino in WA? If so you were so close to where I live!!! Man - we could have met up with you hun!!! Love the pics. If you are up here again please call us and we could meet you all somewhere or you could even just camp out at our place.

Looks like you had fun. (BTW, you can contact me at I would love to hear from you and Mike for sure. :)

Mike A said...

As you can see, my stand-on-wall powers have increased. Now I can make whole crowds of people around me stand on walls as well. Yes, it is amazing.

kenandshaney said...

Glad you guys had fun and we are especially glad that Mikes powers are increasing:) Must be the humidity that is helping him out! Can't wait for us all to get back home and play again! Tell the kids we are glad the whale didn't eat them! Love you guys!

Julie Adams said...

I was wondering what Emily liked about Pike's Place and what Hayden did not like?

iamwright said...

So very jealous....looks like you guys had tons of fun!

Julie Geldmacher said...

Your blog is really great!!!!!!!!! I just noticed that you had one.
It looks like you had fun and you were so in need of that. Are the kids still bored? Glad you are home safe. See you on Friday.
Love, Mom

iamwright said...

Oh..oh...oh..more comments from me.. I LOVE the new background. It's very fancy!