Saturday, July 26, 2008

Really, what's the point?

Before I comment on The Poll that has been added, I must share my internal struggle with you. Can you sense my mock seriousness? What do I want this to be? Obviously, I will not share my innermost feelings with you, that would just be craziness. Also, I just don't do that. Do I post what people will want to see, or do I write like no one's reading, and dance like no one's watching?hahahah. Do I just post some pictures, is this a documentary, do I have a theme? I would rant, but that seems to have been done before-- all over blog world. Also, people might think I'm crazy, which is so not true!!! So maybe this blog will have identity issues, which brings me to the topic of Mike's poll. Really, this is supposed to be for all of us. Also, I would have trouble remembering a different password. So there. Mike, you will make people think that we never talk and never see each other... like how you are gone all day today!!!


Cindy said...

LOL You two crack me up! If anything it is entertaining to see the little blurbs here and there by all of you. :)

iamwright said...

Here's my reasoning, maybe it can help give you some direction (hee, hee, I hope you know I'm kidding). Anyway, this website will print your blog out and make it into a book. I can't scrapbook so I figure this is the way to go to have some proof that my family really did do somethings together throughout the year.

tonya said...

What a wacky world we live in where blurb is a word and not just a sound. Happy Sunday to you and yours