Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some of my lilies this year.

The backstory is that we were trying to eat our sandwiches and the ducks had no fear. They came right up to us and the kids were freaking out. They found that if they threw some bread, they'd all go away. For about 30 seconds. So they were taking turns throwing so that the others could eat their lunches. That and the huge splash the ducks made were causing the laughter. When I get it figured out how to shorten the video clips, I will post the one where they are playing with grandma's neighbor's cats. THAT's funny.


Julie Adams said...

Beautiful flowers Tonya. Lilies are one of my favorites. Too bad they do not bloom all summer long. That would be the best.

The bunch of us said...

I love liles!! They are my second favorite flowers next to sunflowers! I had to take a bunch of pictures of my big ones this year because when they are not in bloom Ken is convienced that they are yellow.

Cindy said...

I love your duck story. ROFL So cute.

Your flowers are great! I kill anything that is not human. Very envious of you green thumbed people!